Local Art

The Hamlet of Tulita is very proud of its artist. We want to assist them to develop as artists, sell and promote their art and pass on their knowledge and skill to other generations. To assist our artists, the Hamlet of Tulita is organizing our new cultural center as a retail space for Tulita artist to sell their work. The cultural center has wonderful built in display cabinets with lighting that will capture every detail of the art. The cultural center is secure yet open to everyone. The cultural center is also set up with a debit machine to aid customers. We are set up to send art across Canada and we will handle all customer service inquires for our artists as well as point of sale and delivery. Our artists will have another venue to showcase their work and not have to worry about the merchandise, they can concentrate on their work. The work that the Hamlet of Tulita is very proud of.

Where to buy art

If you are interested in viewing and purchasing locally made art, contact any of the artists below through their NWT Arts profiles or contact the Tulita Economic Development Officer.

Meet our artists

Alice Bernarde

When Alice was young her mother taught her how to make traditional clothing. Her mother taught her how to sew and do bead work. Since then Alice has loved making clothing for her family and herself. Some examples of Alice's work included: vests, mittens, slippers, mukluks, and jackets, all of which are made from moose hide. Alice has tremendous pride in her clothing and wants to share her work with others.

Beatrice Kosh

Beatrice loves to make traditional clothing and has been doing so for all her life. When she was young her sister and some of her elders taught her the skills of sewing, beading and embroidery. They showed her how to sew mits, vests, packsacs and jackets, as well as how to put together moccasins with sinew.

Elsie Naedzo

Elsie is a current resident of Tulita. She would consider herself a new artist and is inspired by other artists from her community. She has always enjoyed beadwork and more recently making Dene clothing.

Florence Horassi

Florence was born in Tulita where she was taught by her sister to make traditional clothing for her father, brothers and herself. More recently her children and grandchildren inspire her to make clothing. Florence has her own unique style and loves that this is a way to honour her heritage.

Jane Yakeleya

At a young age, Jane was taught by her mother how to make Dene clothing such as slippers, mittens, mukluks, earrings, and baskets.
Jane takes pride in her work and is especially fond of making clothing for the people she cares about.


Leon has been creating art for over 20 years. He finds nature and his upbringing as inspiration for creating his art. The materials Leon likes to use most are wood and birchbark. Leon makes unique handmade art that helps tell his story.

Mary Jane Kunkel

Mary Jane Kunkel was born in Edmonton, AB but calls Tulita, NT her hometown. She specializes in beadwork and Northern style Christmas stockings. She is an established artist and has honed her skills ever since she was a little girl; watching and learning from her mother how to sew and tan hides, in addition to many other skills. Mary has been gathering information on Native Crafts and ideas for a while, and looks forward to opening up her own shop to sell her own artwork, as well as other artists' work, to the community and surrounding areas.

Mildred Widow

Mildred learned to sew and make traditional clothing when she was a child. She was taught how to do this by her older siblings.

Mildred loves making clothing for her children. She now plans on selling the items she makes but will also continue to make clothing for her children and family. Mildren is a proud mother that loves her family.

Richard Andrew

Richard David Andrew is an artist and craftsman specializing in woodwork, carving, drum making, snowshoe making and traditional fine crafts. Living in Tulita, NT, Richard has engaged in the arts for over twenty-five years and today he continues to be inspired by the people around him.

"I was born in 1968, to William and Marguerite Andrew. Both of my parents passed away while I was a young child. Throughout the years, I have kept my traditional life and language very much alive. I continue to tan moose hides, drive a dog team, and hunt and trap. I am very much involved with the youth of Tulita. I have been teaching the youth in Tulita about the Dene culture, I have taken the youth out on the land, and also go into the classrooms and talk about the values and life of the Dene in the past. For the past two years, myself, along with my brother, Chief Frank Andrew, and brother in-law Roy MacCauley have been teaching the youth the songs, signs, and drumming involved in hand-games. I have travelled with the youth on numerous occasions, promoting the Dene culture and language. On Thursday, October 16th, 2008, I was received an award from the Aboriginal Sports (ASCWA) for all my work with the youth, over the years.

Sarah Lennie

Sarah Rosemary Lennie was born in Fort Resolution, NT, and now lives in Tulita, NT. She is an established crafts and fashion artist who has been producing her art for the last 40 years. She has other artists in her family that do relatively the same sort of artwork that she does. Her art comes naturally to her and she enjoys it immensely. Sarah's artwork can be viewed and purchased anywhere in or around the Tulita area.